Lip Loving

Holy Smokes it's been a hot minute since I've touched this blog. I fell out of love with blogging for the better part of a year. However recently I have felt a revival in my creativity and am gonna give it another whirl.

 Masks are a major trend this year I've noticed. You can get a mask for anything from your face to your hands. When I saw this one of my lips in Sephora I couldn't resist. I have rather dry lips and was hoping the Sephora Lip Mask in Shea could help with that.
First thing I noticed was the mask was way too large. I know it must be hard to estimate lip size but his seemed way too large for an average person.
The mask was also completely soaked in product. I've never had a mask so saturated and it was kind of tough to apply since product was getting everywhere on my face and hands.
I let it set for the estimated time and then took it off. I do like these masks and that you don't have to wash anything off when you are finished. You just simply rub any extra product into your lips. 
Overall this mask did make my lips much softer but it only lasted for around 24 hours. I think this would be great to use if you have a big event and you want to prep your lips a few hours beforehand. Especially if you are planning on using a matte lip product which can be quite drying.

Let me know below if you have used a lip mask before and have one you would recommend! 
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