Vacation Makeup: Eyes and Palettes

These items took up the bulk of my makeup bag this trip but are none the less very important. I mean how can one function without mascara?!
For eye bases I brought my Mac Paint Pot in Painterly and Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. Both are so long lasting and really make eyeshadow colors pop while holding them in place.'

Liquid eyeliner is one of my newer vices so I brought along two trusty ones. My ride or die Stila Liquid Liner in Brown and Milani's Eye Tech Liner in Black. Both are easy to draw with and stay in place all day. I also threw in my Anastasia Brow Wiz to keep those brows in check!

Mascaras I kept very simple with my Rimmel Scandalous Show Off and Covergirl's new Full Bloom Lash Mascara, which I just posted a review on!

As for palettes, I brought three. A little excessive but I honestly couldn't pick just one. My MAC quad with my four favorite eyeshadows, my larger MAC palette with my favorite neutral eyeshadows and two blushers, and lastly my new favorite the Lorac Pro Palette. I've used all of them but definitely will only pack one next time!
I'm thinking of doing a video or post series on what eyeshadows are in my MAC palettes, let me know below if you would be interested! Also what eye makeup do you bring when you go on holiday? I would love to read your answers! Thanks for reading!

Blog Re-Vamp

Hello beautiful people! I have been really inspired to keep up with my blog lately and I finally decided to change up how it looked too. I bought this simple template from a Etsy shop called BloggerTemplate and it was on sale for a whopping $6! What a steal! I love how simple and clean it makes my blog look, before it was a bit cluttered. Let me know what you think!

I'm also thinking of buying a proper web domain for my little blog. I would love to know if any of you bloggers have made this step and what you think about it? Also what domain site did you use? I'm pretty clueless on that stuff so if you have any pointers I would appreciate them! Thanks for reading!

California Dreaming | A Vlog

Hey guys! I posted a quick vlog of what I have gotten up to on my trip in California. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

This Is Where I Leave You

Dramedy's are quickly becoming my favorite type of films. I love that they can make you both laugh and cry all in a span of 90 minutes. Who doesn't love to aid their emotions with some humor? A movie that really exposed my love for these types of films was This Is Where I Leave You.
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In my true fashion, I'm always a good year or two behind on seeing films. I remember seeing the trailer for this ages ago and wanting so badly to see it but never making it to the theater. When it finally came up in my Netflix mail list, I was pretty excited and this film definitely didn't disappoint.

It has an all star cast (I hate that phrase but it's true) my favorites being Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, and Adam Driver. They really are the heart of this film about a family forced to hold "shiva," a Jewish tradition of mourning a death (in this case their father) for a week without leaving the home.
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The family dynamics are typical dysfunctional movie family style but these actors make it seem a little more believable. There are so many different branched off issues with different members of the family that are actual issues many families face. This was a part of the movie I loved, how relatable it was.

Overall this movie is fantastic. The cast is worth it alone to me, I would watch these people stare at paint drying, they are that entertaining. With the diverse storylines for each character though, you are bound to find one that you can relate to. I highly suggest you give it a watch, especially since Tina Fey right hooks Dax Shepherd, and who doesn't love that?

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Let me know what you think of this movie in the comments below! I would love to know if you have seen it and what you thought of it! Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday Wants XVII

Wednesday Wants XVII

This H&M T-Shirt really caught my eye in the men section of the store the other day. Sadly, they didn't have any left besides the one on display in the window but that doesn't stop me from wanting it! I'm currently on vacation in Palm Springs, CA the location of the Coachella music festival so this tshirt only seems fitting for me to have! I love me the Coachella Valley!
Eye cream is a new staple to my beauty regime, but one I have been really enjoying. The drugstore one I have now works pretty well but I would love to explore my higher end options. This First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy is a favorite of Fleur De Force that I have been wanting to get my hands on lately.
NARS foundations are some of my favorite in my collection. When I saw they released the new All Day Luminous Foundation I knew I wanted to try it. I did sample it on my hand and it seems pretty full coverage and a little goes a long way. I will definitely be picking this up when my beloved Sheer Glow runs out.
I've always had a love for animal themed fashion pieces. Sweaters with puppies all over it or something more simple like these rings from Forever 21. I love the simple design with the cat face and fish cutouts. So cute and easy for everyday wear.
Lastly, these jelly shoes from Forever 21 take me back to my childhood. I definitely owned a few pairs of jelly sandals in the 90's and am in love with the fact that they are making a comeback. Not only do I love these throwback designs but also the mint color is just too retro not to pick up! Hello favorite shoes of the summer!
Let me know in the comments below what you think of these items I have my eyes on this week. Do you love or hate any of these products? Also what are you lusting over lately? I would love to hear what you all think! Thanks for reading! 

Vacation Makeup: Blush and Highlighters

To continue with my vacation makeup series, I'm moving on to cheek products today. I kept it pretty minimal in this department and only brought a handful of items.
For my basic everyday powder I packed my much beloved Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, I seriously love this stuff and love it's price even more!
Hoola Bronzer by Benefit I picked because it's been my go to the past few months. I love how it works on my skin tone when I am super pale or when I have a bit of a tan. Great universal bronzer!
Also by Benefit, I packed my mini Cha Cha Tint and Sun Beam as a good liquid blush and highlight alternative. Sometimes I reach for these products if I know I'm going to be out in warm weather and want my makeup to last!
Along the same lines, I brought my old LE Cream Color Base by Mac in Tickled Pink. You can't get this product anymore unfortunately, but there are a bunch of great alternatives on the market. I love that this can be used as blush or lip color, the perfect travel friendly product!
Lastly I threw in my NARS Madly Blush. I love this blush, it's the most beautiful peachy tan color and it looks fantastic when my skin has a bit of color to it!
Let me know what you think of this series in the comments below! Also what cheek products do you pack when you are traveling? I would love to hear what you guys think! Thanks for reading!

Vacation Makeup: Foundation and Concealer

Hey guys! Today's post is continuing on my Vacation Makeup series with foundations and concealers I brought along for my trip.
For starters I brought along two different primers. First is my travel size Smashbox Photo Finish Green Primer. This is great for reducing redness I get from my inevitable sunburn. I also packed my newly found love that is the Maybelline Pure BB Cream. I love this product for days I don't want to use a full face of foundation to cover up unevenness in my skin.

As for foundations, I stuck with my trusty NARS Sheerglow for nights I want fuller coverage and my MAC Face and Body for days I want to keep it light. Face and Body to me is the best vacation foundation. It can be worn light like a tinted moisturizer but can also be built up to a fuller coverage.

Pretty much my whole concealer collection made this trip. I love all of them for many different reasons and since they are small figured it was okay to pack the lot. MAC's Prolongwear, Select Cover-Up and Studio Finish are my three higher end concealing champs.

I also packed my two favorite drugstore concealers, Maybelline Age Rewind and Revlon Colorstay. Both are fantastic for under the eyes!

Hope you are enjoying these posts! Let me know below what your favorite base product is on vacation? I would love to hear what you guys think! Thanks for reading!

In Full Bloom

Drugstore mascara is one cherished makeup product that doesn't let me down or dwindle my account balance. A lot of new styles come out each year and I like to test a few of them out. Covergirl's latest mascara to hit the market is Full Lash Bloom.
The packaging is typical Covergirl, big clunky bright colored plastic. It doesn't bother me but I don't think it's the most efficient way to package a product.The wand is nothing new, a plastic contraption with plastic spikes all along it's cylinder body. I do notice that if I get it too close to the root of my lashes it can be sort of painful with the spikes. Something that does disappoint since I like to get into the roots to create as much volume as possible.
The mascara itself is on the drier side when it comes to a formula. Something I actually prefer over slimey or overly wet formulas. It does need a bit of working with when using it but makes for a pretty curled and bold lash once it's put to work.
Overall, I do like this mascara. I don't know if I will repurchase it because of the trouble I can have with the wand and drier composure. I can't complain too much since I did get it half off of when I bought it though!
Let me know what you think of this mascara in the comments below! Do you love it or hate it? Are there any other drugstore mascaras you love and I should try? Thanks for reading!

February Playlist

This post is long overdue so I will make it short and sweet! February flew by in a flash for me, but I really loved this playlist the whole month. Some great indie songs I fell in love with found their way on to the playlist by artists like Lord Huron, Bahamas, and Father John Misty. I also threw in some of my favorite older songs from John Mayer, David Gray, Bon Iver and The Boss, just to name a few!
Hope you like this post and let me know what you have been listening to lately! Talk to ya soon.

My Carry On Essentials!

Hello there! I just wanted to post quickly that I have a new video up on my YouTube channel! It's all about my carry on essentials when I am traveling. I'm on a spring break trip at the moment so thought the timing was perfect. Thanks for watching!

Vacation Makeup: Skincare and Haircare

Hey Guys! A new series I thought I would do while I'm on vacation in California is the beauty items that I brought along with me. I always love what's in my makeup bag videos, so I thought this was a good way of doing it in a written form!

I'm starting off with the basics, skincare and haircare. Since I am on vacation for 2 weeks, mind I did bring a few more items than I normally might.

Starting with skincare, I brought my new found deodorant love that is Degree Dry Spray and to keep smelling fresh, I packed my favorite holiday scent the VS Pink Beach Spray.

To keep my skin soft and from drying out I packed my two favorite moisturizers. The Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizer for daytime and the Cera-Ve PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion for nighttime.

My trusty Trader Joe's Micellar Cleanser Wipes made the trip to help breakdown my makeup at bedtime. As for the morning, I bought a baby bottle of my favorite Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub. Last but not least my current eye cream, the Olay Fresh Effects Bright on Schedule was included to keep the bags away!
For my hair, only three products made the cut. I find too much product really weighs down my hair so the less the better. My two ride or die's by It's a 10 I had to bring along were the Silk Express Miracle Silk Smoothing Balm and Miracle Leave in Plus Keratin. I also brought along a mini Redken Control Addict Hairspray incase I felt like being fancy and curling my hair!
I hope you liked this type of post and keep your eyes peeled the next couple of weeks for the rest of the series! Let me know in the comments below, what are your vacation skincare and haircare essentials? Thanks for reading!

Garden Variety

Essie Nail polish ranks pretty high on my nail polish love list. They have some pretty unique and beautiful colors that I find myself reaching for constantly. While I don't obsess over their seasonal releases, usually a color or two catches my eye and I add it to my ever-growing collection.

Garden Variety from their Spring 2015 was one such color. I tend to love blue hued nail colors, especially if they can be grouped in the teal family. Garden Variety checks both those boxes and has become one of my favorite colors in my collection. I love that it's not a pastel, the typical spring hue (don't get me wrong I love a good pastel!), and is a darker teal but also still quite bright on the nail.

The formula is pretty great also, you don't need more than two coats to make it completely opaque. It also doesn't stain your nails like some blue tinted polishes do! Color wise it is similar to Fly by OPI (from the Nicki Minaj Collection) but Garden Variety is a bit lighter.

Overall I love Garden Variety. It's a lovely bright teal that is different from the norm of Spring pastels. I think it's the best color out of Essie's Spring 2015 collection. Check it out next time you cross paths with a Essie stand!

Let me know in the comments what you think of this color. Are there any other spring polishes I should be trying? I would love to hear what you think! Talk to ya soon.

Wednesday Wants XVI

Wednesday Wants XVI
This week my eye has caught things that are pretty dark on the color spectrum!
First off are these trainers by Nike. They are the Flyknit series and I just adore them. My sister has a pair that gives me some serious shoe envy. I love the black and white contrast on the shoe and that they could be worn with anything dressed up or down.
Secondly this sweatshirt from Forever 21 totally stood out to me today. It is my favorite color black and states the words Puppies Love Me. I just think it's really cute and would be fun to wear on lazy days. Also you can't beat Forever 21's prices!
Thirdly, is another workout based item. LuLu Lemon is a brand I have never tried but I do love their stuff. I love these leggings especially because they are so high wasted. I love not having to pull leggings up or a tshirt down to cover the tum duirng a workout so these pants are definitely a do for me.
NARS is one of my favorite makeup brands of all time. This Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl is a super bright red lip that I think is just stunning. The main reason I want it really though is because it's rumored to be Taylor Swift's favorite red lipstick...
Lastly is this lovely necklace from Forever 21. I love the simplicity of this necklace that sits higher on the neck and has small geometric shapes on the end. It's a lovely piece that would add a nice touch to a night out's outfit.
These are the wonderful things I am lusting after this week. Let me know what you have your eye on in the comments below! Talk to ya soon.