Musical Spotlight: Bahamas

If you have seen my past playlists posts, you would of noticed the name Bahamas shows up quite a bit. I'm starting a new series of posts that will highlight different bands and artists I have really been enjoying and want to share. I thought no better way to kick off this series than with featuring Bahamas!
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Bahamas is really just one Canadian guy whose name is Afie Jurvanen. He used to tour and play with the Canadian singer Fiest, but ventured out on his own solo career and man I am glad he did! His music is really unlike anything I listen too. It's mostly acoustic, and he has a husky low baritone voice. It's a bit scratchy but also very soothing.
Awful photo quality I took at his show!
While Bahamas seems to be a pretty unknown indie artist, you might have heard his song"All the Time" which was featured in a James Franco, Samsung commercial. He has released three albums, all of which you can stream on Spotify. I highly suggest you check him out, his music is great for when you are needing to get in the zone. I prefer to listen to him when I am blogging or reading due to his mellow style of music.

Bahamas songs you should listen to now:
Sunshine Blues
Lost in the Light
Stronger Than That
Can't Take You With Me

I also was lucky enough to see him live in January and posted a vlog about it over on the ole' YouTube. Let me know in the comments below what you think of Bahamas! Are you already a fan of his? I hope you like these kinds of posts! Thanks for reading, talk to ya soon.


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