MAC Prolongwear Eyeshadows

MAC eyeshadows have been a staple in my makeup collection for years. You just cannot beat their quality and their color range. MAC released their prolongwear eyeshadows quite a while back and promised that they would last longer than their original shadow's formula.
I didn't jump at first to get my hands on these babies. First of all, I thought that MAC eyeshadows already lasted pretty long on the eye. Secondly, these new longer lasting shadows were more expensive and way larger in size than their original counterparts.
Last winter however after seeing other bloggers play with them, I decided to try out a couple of the prolongwear eyeshadows. And boy I wish I would of tried them out sooner!
I picked up the colors, Uninterrupted, a matte camel color, and Sweet Satsifaction a shimmery champagne color. I picked up the ones that don't come in pots because they are cheaper and I can pop them in my MAC palette that I don't have dividers in. They are about two times the size of a regular MAC eyeshadow which is pretty crazy and makes me feel like these will last forever!
As for the shadows, they both have amazing pigmentation and truly seem to stay in place throughout a whole day and night of wear without needing any touchups. Some of my regular MAC shadows have the same effect when being worn for a long time, so I don't see the big fuss about these shadows being longwearing. All in all they are fantastic eyeshadows that I reach for quite often!

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried these shadows and what you think of them! Are there other shades in the range I should try? Thanks for reading, talk to ya soon.


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