January Playlist

So I am a few days late with my monthly playlist posting but I figured with the Grammy's on television tonight, this was a perfect fit! January for me was a great month musically. I was lucky enough to see two bands I really love live, Cold War Kids and Bahamas. Both are included in the playlist and I hope you look into more of their catalogues they are really fantastic.
 I also was into some sixties music this month like Stevie Wonder and The Four Seasons (thanks to the movie Jersey Boys). January was a blend of all music for me and I really hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments below what you were listening to this month! Talk to you soon.


  1. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! http://essehearts.com/liebster-award/

    Sharan | essehearts.com

    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much Sharan! You are so sweet for nominating my blog. I really love your blog so this is quite an honor:)