Smells Like Clean Spirit

Nirvana is normally known for two things, a sense of enlightenment and a kick ass rock band. However it now is also known as a beautiful scent created by the Olsen twins.

I was on the hunt for a new scent this winter after my Chanel Chance ran out. I wasn't ready to commit to a full bottle of anything and decided to give a rollerball a try. I had never used a rollerball but had always been intrigued by their low price points and portability.

I tried out many but Elizabeth and James' Nirvana was the one that stood out. It has a lovely clean scent that really sticks with you all day without being overpowering. It is made up of Muguet, Peony, and Musk scents which come together as one classy perfume.

This is the first perfume I've owned that really makes me feel like an "adult." It feels professional and I will definitely be buying a full bottle when my little rollerball runs dry. The white packaging symbolizes the normal scent, it also comes in Nirvana Black. That scent was a bit overpowering for everyday unlike it's light counterpart.

I highly suggest this perfume for anyone looking for something light and suitable for everyday wear. It is currently available at Sephora in the .34 oz rollerball, 1oz and 1.7 oz bottles.

What is your favorite scent for the winter time? Let me know in the comments below! Talk to ya soon.


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