Resolution Check-Up

The first month of 2015 is almost over and everyone's resolutions have either floundered or taken off. I know I never made a post on what my resolutions were because I wasn't quite sure until mid-January (not a great sign of success)! I thought since I have my ducks in a row I would give statuses on all my new year goals!
                                                   Resolution                                     Grade  
                               1. Cruse Less, Use nicer language                         C-

 So I have a bit of a sailors mouth. The older I get the more I realize this is not a positive thing and am desperately trying to rid my vocabulary of some of my favorite toxic words. So far it's not going great. Damn it.
                              2. Read More/ Watch TV less                                  B
I love to read but never really had the time when I was working on my undergrad. Now that I have finished I wanted to up my novel game. So far it's going pretty well. I'm not reading every single night which was my inital goal but I have already finished one book which I am pretty happy about and am catching up on my magazines that I definitely have a back log to work on! As for the less TV, my Netflix has seen less love this month and I try to listen to music while I work on different things like my blog or a puzzle which is less distracting and I believe somewhat mentally healthier!

                                       3. Start turning only into the closest lane!          A-

This seems like a very strange resolution but it's one I have actually been doing pretty well on! Where I live it is illegal to turn into the outer lane of a double lane street (which is insane I know) but I refuse to get my first ticket for such a silly reason. I have definitely been more aware of this whilst driving! 
                                       4. Live a Healthier Lifestyle                              D

Possibly the most popular resolution made and also the one with the highest fail rate. I am pretty much on the track to failing so I really need to get it together. My family got a treadmill which I have not been using everyday like I originally planned. It's a little hard to start working on long distance running when I'm not hitting the faux pavement everyday! Eating healthier I like to think I have been a little better about. I'm more aware of my choices and am trying to eat things in moderation instead of cutting them out cold turkey. This is by far my worst attempt in my resolutions and I just hope the next month I can better attack it!

Those are my resolutions and my updates on them! I might try and update on them every other month or so in a post. What are your resolutions for 2015 and how are they going? I would love to know! I hope everyone has had a lovely January. Talk to you soon!

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