I opened an Etsy Shop!

Hello lovely readers! I thought today I would quickly share the fact that I opened an Etsy shop! It specializes in stickers that are great for planners, scrapbooks, calendars, and more. Stop on over and check it out if you are interested in that kind of stuff! Feel free to leave me any questions at the shop or down below in the comments here. Thanks for your support!


Wednesday Wants XIII

Wednesday Wants XIII
Statement necklace are a trend I am slowly dipping my feet into. This beautiful set by Charming Charlie is something that really caught my eye a couple weeks ago and something I would definitely dress down with a white v-neck, jeans and my leopard slip on tennis shoes. I love the contrast of the royal blue with the cerulean shade. Such a lovely piece!

Foundation brushes are one of my most beloved items in my makeup collection. I have quite a few because I seriously believe different foundations work better with different styled brushes. I've been especially fond of regular styled foundation brushes lately and this Louise Young brush seems like the super daddy of them all. I've seen Anna from Vivanna does Makeup use this alot and I'm desperate to add it to my collection!

Dusty pink has been a color I've been drawn to this year and so when I saw this sweater over at American Eagle is instantly caught my eye. I love that the inside seems to be a shearling lined inside yet not too heavy or thick on the outside. Perfect for those colder spring days!

Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup range I have heard a lot about but unfortunately haven't had access to. I just recently learned that in the US it can be ordered from Nordstrom's website! The first thing I would love to pick up is this Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette. I have seen nothing but raves about this product and am so eager to try it out! If I could look a little bit more like a silver screen siren everyday that would just be the cat's pajamas.

Yet another beauty item that caught my eye this week was this navy blue shade in the Sephora Formula X nail polish. I'm a huge fan of these nail polishes, they have amazing chip resistance and lasting power! This navy is a new limited edition shade and would be so lovely during the spring especially if it was paired with a coral or rose accent nail!

These are all the items I have had my eyes on this week. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you have been lusting after this week in the comments below! Talk to you soon.

Resolution Check-Up

The first month of 2015 is almost over and everyone's resolutions have either floundered or taken off. I know I never made a post on what my resolutions were because I wasn't quite sure until mid-January (not a great sign of success)! I thought since I have my ducks in a row I would give statuses on all my new year goals!
                                                   Resolution                                     Grade  
                               1. Cruse Less, Use nicer language                         C-

 So I have a bit of a sailors mouth. The older I get the more I realize this is not a positive thing and am desperately trying to rid my vocabulary of some of my favorite toxic words. So far it's not going great. Damn it.
                              2. Read More/ Watch TV less                                  B
I love to read but never really had the time when I was working on my undergrad. Now that I have finished I wanted to up my novel game. So far it's going pretty well. I'm not reading every single night which was my inital goal but I have already finished one book which I am pretty happy about and am catching up on my magazines that I definitely have a back log to work on! As for the less TV, my Netflix has seen less love this month and I try to listen to music while I work on different things like my blog or a puzzle which is less distracting and I believe somewhat mentally healthier!

                                       3. Start turning only into the closest lane!          A-

This seems like a very strange resolution but it's one I have actually been doing pretty well on! Where I live it is illegal to turn into the outer lane of a double lane street (which is insane I know) but I refuse to get my first ticket for such a silly reason. I have definitely been more aware of this whilst driving! 
                                       4. Live a Healthier Lifestyle                              D

Possibly the most popular resolution made and also the one with the highest fail rate. I am pretty much on the track to failing so I really need to get it together. My family got a treadmill which I have not been using everyday like I originally planned. It's a little hard to start working on long distance running when I'm not hitting the faux pavement everyday! Eating healthier I like to think I have been a little better about. I'm more aware of my choices and am trying to eat things in moderation instead of cutting them out cold turkey. This is by far my worst attempt in my resolutions and I just hope the next month I can better attack it!

Those are my resolutions and my updates on them! I might try and update on them every other month or so in a post. What are your resolutions for 2015 and how are they going? I would love to know! I hope everyone has had a lovely January. Talk to you soon!

(all images are from weheartit.com)

Sherry, Sherry Baby

Jersey Boys was a movie I had wanted to see since I first saw the previews last year. I am a sucker for music biography films and usually am never disappointed by how they play out.
Photo by Forbes
While I didn't know much about The Four Seasons as a band, I love their music from the 1950's and 1960's so I knew the film's soundtrack would be good enough of a reason to give it a go. That and the fact that Clint Eastwood both produced and directed the film.

The movie is overall really well done. I loved how authentic the scenes seemed in terms of eras and the cast's acting and singing is really fantastic.

I do have a few problems with the film's style overall however. First off, it was kind of hard to follow! I watched it with my sister and multiple times we found ourselves confused about where the band was or even what time period they were supposed to be in. They do show time and period overlays in the film but only twice! I had wikipedia handy in order to clarify different moments in the film.
Photo by NYPost
The other issue I had was with the overall narrating. All four men took turns as narrator which I did enjoy because they all saw different events in the band's life in totally different ways. However they did this commentating by looking directly at the camera and talking to the audience as if they were telling a story. It just felt kind of cheesy to me personally and the film could of probably done without it and still told a strong story.

Over all I really did love this movie and highly suggest it to anyone who loves musical biography films like I do. It does clock in at a little over two hours so make sure you have a clear night if you plan to watch it! If you guys have seen this film, what did you think of it? I would love to know your thoughts below! Also I would love to start reviewing movies on the blog let me know what you think! Talk to ya soon.

Wednesday Wants XII

Wednesday Wants XII

This week has left me with a hodge-podgy weekly wants but none the less these are things that really caught my eye!

1. First off I saw the cutest badger sweater from ModCloth over on a great blog called The Dainty Squid. I forgot ModCloth even was a thing but after reading Kaylah's lovely clothing roundup post I spent a good hour browsing their website. I came across this gem of a sweater. A freaking hedgehog on a navy sweater is a garment after my own heart.

2. I love how simple yet beautiful this gold shark tooth necklace is from J Crew. It is the charm type of jewelry I tend to gravitate towards and unlike anything I currently own!

3. In the past year I have built up quite a nice record collection. I love listening to vinyls and am so happy they are becoming more easily accessible! My main problem now is storing my records. They currently are squashed between my record player and my tv. That's fine for now but when I move out this year (hopefully) I would love this record holder from Urban Outfitters. Not only is it a brilliant yellow color but it showcases the records instead of just storing them!

4. I don't know about you guys but winter takes a serious toll on my skin, especially my hands. Last night I was in so much pain because they were raw and red from the cold weather. I love my Soap and Glory Hand Food lotion but am not sure it is quite keeping up this time of year. This Endless Glove hand lotion seems to be a little more effective and I am desperate to give it a go! Let me know down below if you have tried this and what you think!

5. Last but not least is this lovely airy, 1960's styled dress. I will be heading out to the West Coast soon (not soon enough!) and need to start picking up items to wear. My summer wardrobe is seriously lacking in volume so I have been browsing pieces to pack. This dress from Forever 21 is right up my alley. It is beautiful but not fussy. I can throw it on with sandals a floppy hat (like the model has) and be on my way!

These are all the random things I am lusting after this week. Let me know in the comments below what you have your eyes on! Talk to ya soon.

Boom Clap

Hey Guys! Back today with my first video of 2015! I really loved the makeup Charli XCX was rocking on the January cover of Nylon Magazine and decided to try and recreate it! I love how the lavender eyes and bright red lips are something you definitely don't see everyday:) Let me know what you think of the look in the comments down below! Thanks for watching and talk to ya soon.
Photo by Nylon

Smells Like Clean Spirit

Nirvana is normally known for two things, a sense of enlightenment and a kick ass rock band. However it now is also known as a beautiful scent created by the Olsen twins.

I was on the hunt for a new scent this winter after my Chanel Chance ran out. I wasn't ready to commit to a full bottle of anything and decided to give a rollerball a try. I had never used a rollerball but had always been intrigued by their low price points and portability.

I tried out many but Elizabeth and James' Nirvana was the one that stood out. It has a lovely clean scent that really sticks with you all day without being overpowering. It is made up of Muguet, Peony, and Musk scents which come together as one classy perfume.

This is the first perfume I've owned that really makes me feel like an "adult." It feels professional and I will definitely be buying a full bottle when my little rollerball runs dry. The white packaging symbolizes the normal scent, it also comes in Nirvana Black. That scent was a bit overpowering for everyday unlike it's light counterpart.

I highly suggest this perfume for anyone looking for something light and suitable for everyday wear. It is currently available at Sephora in the .34 oz rollerball, 1oz and 1.7 oz bottles.

What is your favorite scent for the winter time? Let me know in the comments below! Talk to ya soon.

Wednesday Wants XI

Wednesday Wants 1/7/15
Hello 2015! The new year is here and I have brought back one of my favorite posts, the weekly Wednesday Wants! I feel kinda funny lusting after items so shortly after Christmas but then again Christmas left me with a number of gift cards which forces some online shopping am I right?

With it being the new year I am also very concerned about upping my skincare game in 2015. Sephora carries some fantastic brands such as Boscia that I haven't had many opportunities to try. This Konjac Sponge really stood out to me as an interesting skincare tool that I would very much like to give a go! It's made with charcoal properties which can help cleanse pores that are overtaking your skin. If anyone has tried these I would love to hear what you think in the comments below!

Statement necklaces are a trend that I have always admired but never thought I could pull off. This beautiful two toned metal necklace from H&M seems like the perfect first step in my statement necklace journey. It's not too bulky like some can be and is more simple on the design side compared to others. And for only 12 bucks it's not a wallet killer if I decided statement necklaces aren't for me after all!

A good weekender bag has been something I've chased after for years. Everyone I have come across was either the wrong size or price. Then last week I saw this brown beauty on Forever 21 and instantly added it to my wishlist. I love the faux leather look and the size are perfection. Oh and did I mention it's under 40 dollars? Score!

Continuing with skincare, I love a good mask once a week to really cleanse the skin. This Mask of Magnaminty by Lush is a fan favorite and is a mask I would love to use when my skin is having problems during that particular time of the month!

I got a few gift cards to spend at my favorite place ever known as Sephora. There is one major item I have held off from buying for probably a year now and that is the Anastasia Contour Kit. I have seen nothing but raves about this and feel like it is finally time to take the plunge and add this beauty to my collection!

Those are all the lovely items I have my eyes on this week. Let me know what you have been lusting after lately in the comments below! Talk to ya soon.

December Playlist

Happy Monday! I believe today was the first day back from break for many people and believe me my heartache is right there with you. I thought I would share my December Playlist from Spotify today to liven at least a mood or two? This is the playlist I listened to pretty much all of December when I wasn't jamming to Hanson's Snowed In (anyone else think this is the best Christmas album ever made?)
I know some Christmas songs are on here (hello Bright Eyes and The OC) but some of the other songs are great all year around. For example, old school Maroon 5, Van Morrison (always), and Tokyo Police Club. Let me know what you were listening to this past December in the comments below! Anything I should be looking up to hear? Talk to ya soon.