Vlogmas Overload

Hello lovely people!
I don't know about you but this time of year my YouTube subscription box is busting full of Vlogmas videos and I LOVE it. I think it's something about watching some of my favorite people who don't vlog often, pick up that camera and film during the holiday season. I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite Vlogmas girls (yes they happen to all be female!) this season.

1. Lily Pebbles

Lily is a rather popular British blogger and YouTuber whom I really admire and her vlogmas has been so entertaining! She gets up to some fun stuff on the daily in London and I enjoy seeing different parts of the city during Christmas time:)

2. Sunbeams Jess
Jess is another British YouTuber who's vlogmas I have enjoyed for the past few years. This year has been especially funny since her pup Mimi has become quite the character in her vlogs. Did I also mention she is one stylish lady?

3. The Fashion Citizen
The Fashion Citizen made up for twins Steph and Mel I believe are on their first year of vlogmas. So far it is really entertaining to watch! They may not live in a glitzy city like London but watching what they get up to and their banter is hilariously wonderful.

4. HelloOctoberxo
Last but certainly not least this season I have been loving Suzie from HelloOctoberxo's Vlogmas. She is yet another UK blogger/YouTuber but instead of London lives in Brighton I believe. She is simply stunning and I just adore her dog Nala who is literally one of the cutest pups on earth.

Those are some of my favorite Vlogmas roundups of the season! I hope you enjoy them too! Let me know down below if any of these are your favorites! If not, who's Vlogmas have you been enjoying? I would love to know! Talk to ya soon.


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    1. Thank you Shikin! I will definitely check it out:)