Wednesday Wants X

Wednesday Wants X

I have had a weakness for UGG boots since I was in middle school and the whole cast of Laguna Beach rocked them. Yes I still love them and yes I still wear them all the time. It snows a lot where I live so they are more a comfy necessity than a fashion statement. Either way, these pair of mini UGGs are too adorable to pass up! I love how small and easy they are compared to my large leg length pairs. Also the maroon color is to die for!

Marc Jacobs Beauty is sadly a makeup range I have yet to try out. I have read a lot of good things about it and plan on putting some pieces on my Christmas list this year. That includes the much loved Lolita eye palette. Neutral eyeshadows are my favorite and this palette seems to have them all. It seems so beautiful and I hope to add it to my collection soon.

To apply my makeup I have a dinky little mirror in my room but usually end up in front of my massive bathroom mirror to get a better view of things. This mirror from Ikea is perfect for my desk and therefore applying makeup in my bedroom once again. I love the simple design and the fact that it is large but slim enough to make it easy to store.

Tweed is a fabric I usually shy away from. It is very hard for it to not look Granny-ish if you know what I'm saying. These shorts from H&M however are nothing like a tweed suit a granny would rock! I love the color and the black leather piping down the thigh. They would look adorable with black tights underneath and a killer pair of black booties to match.

Lastly, is another H&M item. This shredded sweater. I love sweaters and also distressed items. This may look like distress to an extreme but there is something so simple and casual about it. I would love to pair this with black leggings (and maybe a pair of UGG boots?!) with my hair up in a bun and glasses on. The perfect sweater for a errand day.

These are all the items I have been lusting over this week. Let me know in the comments below what you have your eyes on this week. Talk to ya soon.


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