See. Hear. Read.

So I have been really poor at blogging lately. I haven't felt well and that really put me off working on anything. This week I am turning it around though and starting off with another See. Hear. Read!


This past week I was lucky enough to stumble across the amazing Casey Neistat's YouTube channel. This guy is literally the best YouTube content creator I have ever seen. I spent a whole afternoon watching almost all of his videos and couldn't get enough. This latest video is a Google Glasses review shot in the most creative and authentic. I did some digging and found out he actually has (or had) his own HBO show and I plan on going HAM on it soon. Seriously check Casey out you will not be disappointed! Oh and also his snapchat stories everyday are fantastic!


Okay so I am the last person who wants to admit that they not only bought but actually love the new Taylor Swift album. Yet here I am loud and proud! 1989 is such a catchy album and is like nothing Taylor has put out before. It's 0 country and 100+ pop. Blank Space and Style are by far my two favorites and you can find me singing along loudly to them in my car daily. Even if you think you aren't a huge Swift fan, I suggest you check this album out it's so diverse it has a song for everybody to enjoy.

Yep people I know. I am still stuck in my Harry Potter rut. Don't get me wrong I love love love Harry Potter and all seven stories but sometimes I have major trouble reading through series of any books in a timely manner. I'll read a story really fast then take ages to finish the next one. That is definitely happening to me now. Even worse this is one of the largest books so it's taking super duper long for me to plow through. I made good headway this weekend however and am trying to read a bit every night. Hopefully the read section of these posts will become more interesting soon!

Those are all the things I have been enjoying this week! Let me know if you have seen, heard or read anything good this past week in the comments below! Talk to ya soon.


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