October Playlist

Music is a major part of my life. I usually don't go a day without it. I thought I would begin to share monthly playlists on my blog. I've seen a couple other blogs do this and rather enjoy seeing what people are listening to.

My music tastes tend to change along with the seasons. Since it's getting colder out, the music I've listened to has a bit of a more mellow vibe versus the more upbeat stuff I jam to during the Summer. Since Spotify is pretty much where all my music listening is channeled through I thought it was easiest to share the playlist this way. Hope you enjoy!

 Let me know if any of these songs have been your favorites too or what you have been listening to this October in the comments below! Talk

Wednesday Wants IX

Wednesday Wants IX

Wednesday Wants IX by neonjenn18 featuring mac cosmetics
1/ Since it is officially Fall now, scarves are a must on my wardrobe list. I have many that I love but am always on the hunt for more! This star printed one from American Eagle definitely caught my eye. I love the large bold print paired with the muted white and grey color. It would look fantastic with a pair of jeans and a jewel colored t-shirt!

2/ Floral dresses are honestly my kryptonite. I love how they can work for any season depending on the print and color. For example this beauty from Forever 21 (please excuse the strange editing I did to cut out the model!) is perfect for Fall and Winter. I love that it has some sleeves so it doesn't warrant a jacket in cooler weather. The fact that it's black with muted pink flowers also rings all my floral dress bells!

3/ I have read/seen many raves about the Sephora Formula X nail polish. I have yet to try it but really think The System kit they offer would be the perfect gateway. It comes with a base and top coat, along with any nail color from the range you want. I'm not one to shy away from new nail polish and nail care items and plan on picking this up the next time I'm in Sephora!

4/ Lip pencils are another thing I cannot seem to live without this Fall. I used to shy away from them but lately find myself gravitating towards them quite often. This lip pencil from MAC in the color Dervish is one I've seen talked up highly. It is a beautiful pink/mauve color that would work really well if you are trying to pull off the 90's/Kylie Jenner lip (which let's be real we all are).

5/ Lastly, Bath and Body Works have gone and released their Winter collection. This means serious problems for my wallet. Frosted Cranberry is not a scent I remember seeing in candle form before. I haven't got a chance to smell it yet but the packaging alone makes me want to add it to my basket pronto.

That's it for my Wednesday Wants this week. I hope you enjoyed all the things I have my eyes on! Let me know in the comments below if you are partial to any of these items or what you have your eyes on this week. Talk to ya soon!

Bright Lips in the Big Cities

I've been pretty rubbish at blogging lately but now that I'm feeling better things will get back to normal. Today's post is all about my new favorite drugstore find. I'm going to go as far as saying I think this is the BEST lip product available currently at the drugstore.

No surprise, It's a Revlon product. They seem to be pros when it comes to lip products. I've been a massive fan for ages and was pretty late to the game on these babies. The Revlon Colorburst Moisture Stain is their best product I've seen yet. I believe it's a dupe for a YSL stain but have not tested those to know how they compare. I can't imagine they are much better than these much cheaper alternatives!

It's glossy but not at all sticky. I love how creamy it is and the velvety feeling it has on the lips. Also the staying power on these puppies are impressive! They literally last all night even if you are drinking and eating. I only had to apply once when I wore mine out the other night for over 4 hours.

The two colors I have are New York Scene (a vibrant true red) and Parisian Passion (a darker berry). The Parisian Passion is by far my favorite I find myself reaching for it all the time. Both are beautiful colors for Fall! I highly suggest these products and am definitely going to pick up more myself! Talk to ya soon.

Wednesday Wants VIII

Wednesday Wants VIII
1. This sweater may not scream fall but I am in love with it! It's from American Eagle and I just love the color blocking going on here. I especially love the last three layer (grey, white, and blush) colors. It looks so cozy and I would love to throw it on quickly with a white tee and some skinny jeans.

2. Perfume is something I have not obsessed over until recently. My Chanel is almost gone and I really want to try the Olsen twin's Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfume. From what I hear it's a beautiful unisex scent that is perfect for fall. I've never owned a rollerball either so I'm thinking of killing two birds with one stone on this one;)

3. When the weather gets colder, my skin gets redder. I've never really gravitated towards green concealers or primers before but my skin seems to be extra red this year which has me itching to try green face products! This Smashbox primer is talked highly of and I love the fact that you can get a mini sample for 10 bucks before splurging on the big papa bottle that's around 40!

4. Hats have been my new fashion statement this fall. I cannot get enough of my beautiful felt black hat from Forever 21. So when I saw this little grey number on the Urban Outfitters website I knew I had to have it. I love the worn grey color and black trim. I am also on the hunt for a ox blood colored hat as well!

5. Lastly is this beautiful tank from Topshop. Tanks can be harder to wear in the winter because many of them are summer themed. However this top is the perfect fall/winter transition top. I love the monochrome color block detail and the silky finish makes it look way more expensive than it is. It would look fantastic dressed up under a blazer or dressed down under a denim jacket!

These are all the lovely things I am lusting after this week! Let me know what you have your eye on in the comments below! Talk to ya soon.


American Horror Story has always been a show that has scared the bejesus out of me. I never tuned into the first two seasons because being the scaredy cat I am, there was no way I was going to watch a show about a haunted house/asylum before hitting the sheets.
However now that AHS Freak Show has debuted, I am hooked! The storyline branches off with so many diverse and interesting characters. I am eager to see how they all connect in the overall plot.
The most exciting part to me is that the show itself is not scary! Sure some stuff is creepy or erie but nothing that makes me tremble with fear like a ghost or demon haunting. I'm glad to be enjoying a show so many have raved about over the years. However, to those who are scared of clowns, I would not suggest you tune in (due to the creepy murderous clown) if you want to keep getting your beauty rest.

Hear & Read
This week I have been guilty of not listening to much music. Music is a huge part of my life but sometimes I get so engrossed in other things that I lay off the Spotify for a while. This week instead of listening to music I have been really into playing The Sims 3. I know that seems outdated because TS4 was released but I have no way of playing it due to my owning a Apple computer and not having a Windows subscription. I'm still debating whether to run Windows on my computer to play TS4 or just wait for the Mac verison the developers promised is coming. In the meantime I'm pretty content playing TS3 and eating a cupcake;)
I have also finally made it to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in my annual HP series read. I think this book is one of my least favorites because it strays so far from a normal year at Hogwarts (call me a creature of comfort) and that has always bothered me. Well that and the fact that the movie was that weird year where the male cast didn't get haircuts.

Sorry if this week's See.Hear.Read seems a bit dull. I've been a bit under the weather since Wednesday which makes me really boring. So boring that I watched The Sex and the City movie and Clueless each more than one time this weekend. I hope you all have a better week than I have and I will talk to ya soon.

Haim Makeup Trilogy

It took me forever but I finally edited and posted the final makeup look in my little Haim makeup trilogy. This last look is Alana who is the baby of the three and always has the freshest/youthful looking makeup. Hope you enjoyed these three looks! Talk to ya soon.

Wednesday Wants VII

Wednesday Wants VII

Dot by Marc Jacobs has been my favorite scent this week. I got a sample of it ages ago from a Sephora purchase and just rediscovered it recently. It smells so light and airy when applied and the lasting power is quite impressive! I really want to splurge on the large bottle before I'm completely out of my sample. The bottle is a little obnoxious and I'm not the biggest fan of ladybugs but for this scent I will put up with the bulky packaging!

Oxblood or maroon is by far my favorite Fall season color. This dress by Topshop is simple yet stunning. The long sleeves and jagged hem line are unique features for a plain cotton dress. These details paired with the color make it my favorite dress I've had my eyes on this season.

Girls has to be one of my favorite shows of all time. Lena Dunham is brilliant as the main writer and actress in the show. Her character Hannah is so relatable to where I am in my life right now (college grad with no direction of what's next) which I think makes it so attactive to me. That and the hilarious writing each season. Since I do not have HBO and Netflix doesn't stream their shows (one thing that makes me endlessly sad) I have to wait to watch the show when each season is released on DVD. I've been waiting to get my hands on Season 3 and just need to let it out of my Amazon cart and into my heart.

My pair of Urbanears have been with me through thick and thin. Now they are becoming a bit thin themselves and are in desperate need of replacing. The Platan are my favorite style and this pumpkin orange color is so beautiful and unique I can't wait to stick these babies on my birthday wishlist.

Lastly is this amazing palette from Hourglass. I've played around with these ambient lighting powders in the store but their hefty price tag always left me walking away empty handed. The fact that they are in a palette now and not quite as expensive as they would be separate, makes them even more attractive to me.

That's all the things I'm wishing for this week. Let me know in the comments below what you have your eyes on as well. Talk to ya soon!

Fall Haul

It seems that every store has brought out their Autumn seasonal items and that makes me go a little crazy. I picked up a few makeup bits and Bath & Body Works bobs recently and thought I would share in my first ever Haul video. See what I picked up below! Thanks for watching and talk to ya soon!


How to Get Away with Murder is a new show on ABC that premiered two weeks ago. Usually I'm not a sucker for crime dramas but this show is AMAZING! It was created by Shonda Rhimes who's behind Grey's Anatomy and Scandal both which I have seen but not watched enough of. It is set around a murder (shocker) at a law school and is full of flashbacks from present day to moments in the past. It's writing is dark and clever and the cast is well put together. Viola Davis can do no wrong and makes one bad-ass law school professor. Also the kid who played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films is the main character of the show! Crazy! 

This week I can not stop listening to Bahamas. He's a single artist from Canada who makes feel good indie music. Some of it's fast tempoed like my favorite Stronger Than That. He also does really chill acoustic songs, Lost in the Light is a great example. I am really drawn to his music at the moment and suggest you go take a listen too. I'm bummed he just toured near my area and I missed the show! 

So I was a major fail in the reading department this week. I'm still working my way through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I think it's because I'm also trying to catch up my reading of my Rolling Stone and Nylon subscriptions. Notice my cheeky little Hedwig set up above. Ya I'm corny, nothing new to me!
That's it for See.Hear.Read. this week. Hope you enjoyed a peek at what I've been spending some time on lately. Let me know in the comments below if you love HTGAWM (longest TV title ever) or have anything you are enjoying this week. Talk to ya soon!

Wednesday Wants VI

Wednesday Wants VI
Wednesday Wants is back again! This week I have my eye on some awesome items that have come to my attention recently.

First off is this classic trench coat by H&M. I watched the lovely Sian Shutterbug's September favorites and she made me realize I definitely do need a trench in my life! This one is the perfect length and khaki color. I think it's sold out on the site but I'm hoping they will have it in stores!

Lena Dunham is one of my favorite people on the planet. I'm obssesed with her and her show Girls. I think she is really empowering for women and I love that she embraces being atypical. The fact that she has a book out now makes me very excited and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Expect a review of the book on my blog in the next few weeks!

Usually I think stars are a little too cliche for my taste. This sweater by American Eagle however is so darn cute! I think I like it because the stars aren't obnoxious and the texture of the sweater (fuzzy wuzzy) outshines the stars (no pun intended). It's a unique looking piece I would love to throw on with a simple tee and a pair of jeans on a chilly day.

I've been playing around the past week or two with nude lipstick. Usually I'm not attracted to nude lips, they just don't do it for me. However with the 90's/Jenner lip trend happening I've been more inspired to pick up some nudes. I have a few that I have become rather fond of lately and would love to add this color in Brigitte from their new Audacious range to my collection asap!

Lastly are these amazing mix of metal rings from Topshop are simple but beautiful. I love that they vary in size and finish. I tend to lean towards more industrial looking things in the Autumn time and these are a big check on my list!

Those are all the lovely things I have been browsing at this week. Let me know if there is anything special you have your eye on a well in the comments below! Talk to ya soon!