Wednesday Wants V

Wednesday Wants V

Hey Guys! It's time for another Wednesday Wants post! This week the things I'm lusting after have quite a Autumn theme to them. Not surprising since it is Autumn now officially and the weather has gotten much chillier where I am.

First off is this wide rimmed felt black hat from H&M. I've loved hats in this style since last Summer when I saw a few of my favorite male singers rocking them (aka John Mayer and Bear Rinehart). They are so effortlessly cool and can turn a bad hair day into a good one when you have no time to fix the mess that is your morning do.

This Jack Wills wallet from ASOS seems simple and even boring but I have been wanting a wallet for ages and this one fits my checklist. Most of the ones I have run across are either fugly or don't have the right organizing inside. This one has great compartments within and a lovely tartan print on the outside. It would be a great addition to the hot mess that is my handbag.

NARS can do no wrong when it comes to makeup in my opinion. I have a few of their lipsticks that I adore but none that really work for the Fall season. Fast Ride is described as a deep mulberry in color. These dark red/purple lipsticks are quickly becoming my favorite Autumn lip color and I would love to try one out from NARS who have a great formula of lipsticks.

Whilst browsing online through Forever 21 a few days ago (which seems to steal time away from me way too often) this little gem was on the new arrivals page. It is a silver hedgehog toothbrush holder! It is just too adorable and would look so cute in my bathroom.

Lastly is yet another item from H&M. We just got one in my town so I've really been checking out their stuff online lately. I love the idea of a sweatshirt dress for chilly casual nights especially if I'm going to something low-key like a bonfire. This one is so casual and has a hoodie which makes me want to add it to my closet asap.

These are all the things catching my eye while browsing online this week. Let me know if there is anything special you've come across in the comments down below! Talk to ya soon.


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