Wednesday Wants III

Wednesday Wants Sept. 10
Hey Guys! Sorry for my lack of posts this week I'm afraid I've been a bit under the weather. That has not stopped me from browsing many online shops though! Here are the things I am lusting after this week.
I am really wanting a new foundation for the fall and have been eyeing the regular Bare Minerals one for ages! I love the idea of a mineral powder and am dying to give this one a go.

A lot of videos I have seen recently show people carrying backpacks. While I thought they were just a trend that would fade, I found myself over time loving them more and more. I love that I could throw my DSLR in it and take it around for a mobile shoot with such ease! this one from ASOS with owls on it was too cute!

Working out has never quite been my cup of tea. However I love riding a bike and my neighbor clued me in to how much of a good workout it can really be! I really love the style of a cruiser and this one from Target has such lovely and unique colors!

My brows don't need much help because they are already on the Peter Gallagher style but I do often throw a bit of powder into them just for good measure. I am getting quite bored of the powder and am looking to step up my brow game using this beloved Anastasia Brow Wiz. I have heard nothing but raves about it and really want to try it for myself.

Lastly, fall is upon us people! Idk about you but where I live the weather has taken a drastic and chilly turn this week! This change in temp has me lusting over things like apple cider, scarves and Bath and Body Works fall scented candles. Easily my favorite time of year for the ole' sniffer and with new scents like Vanilla Chai I can't wait to take a whiff!

That's all the things I have been eyeing this week! Let me know what has caught your eye in the comments below! Talk to you soon!


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