Hey Guys! Monday evening means time to share what I have been watching, reading and listening to this week. Hope you enjoy!

Okay so this one is a total guilty pleasure. I have been working my way through Gossip Girl on Netflix. I read the books when I was in junior high (risque I know) and watched the show's first season when it was on t.v. but after that lost touch for the show. Since last year I have been trying to push through all six seasons but with school I never justified spending time watching Upper East Side drama.

Now that I have graduated I have been spending much more time than I would love to admit with my Netflix que. This includes Gossip Girl which I have a love/hate relationship with. Now that I am almost done with Season 4 it has gotten more enjoyable to watch the episodes since they are about my age and we share some similar ground (okay one sidewalk square, but it's something).

The last week of August I was lucky enough to see The Head and the Heart live. They were amazing and I couldn't believe I hadn't listened to them much before. Their folkie style ala Mumford and The Lumineers is right up my music alley. They have two amazing albums, one self-titled and the second called "Let's Be Still." Their music is perfect for this time of year when the weather turns cold and you just want some mellow music to listen to while lighting a candle and snuggling up to a good book...
Speaking of book. These might get quite boring but I am working my way through my annual Harry Potter series and am now on The Prisoner of Azkaban. This might be my favorite book (and film) of the entire series. I really love Sirius and he becomes a part of Harry's life in this novel. Notice my copy above is quite loved as the binding has sadly lost it's grip.

Hope you enjoy all the things I have been seeing, hearing and reading this week. Let me know what you've been enjoying this week in the comments below! Talk to ya soon.


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