Hey Guys! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. See.Hear.Read. is going to be a new kind of post on my blog. It's pretty self explanatory but I will be sharing what things I have been watching, reading, and listening to each week. These bits are always my favorite part of people's monthly favorite posts so I thought I would contribute my own and more frequently than once a month. Hope you enjoy!

There were two films I had the pleasure of watching this past week that were very different form one another but had the 1960's as a similar theme.
With Six You Get Eggroll is an adorable rom-com from 1968. It stars Doris Day and is a film about two widowers who fall in love and try to mash their families together. The concept isn't very original but the way the film is styled (very sixties aka funky) is really enjoyable to watch. I've seen it a few times and am always pleased when I find it on television.

The second film I watched the other night was Greetings From Tim Buckley. It stars Penn Badgley (as if I couldn't love him anymore) as Jeff Buckley, the late musician. It centers around a tribute concert to Jeff's father, 60's folk rocker Tim Buckley. The events of the story actually happened so it's semi-autobiographical, which personally are my favorite types of films. Penn is actually a very talented actor and musician (something we wouldn't know from watching Gossip Girl) and I think anyone who enjoys music and indie films would love this movie. I know I did.

Vance Joy is an artist I've been listening to for what seems like ages. My dad first introduced him to me with his single Riptide about a year ago and I have been pretty much obsessed ever since. Vance released his first full length album, Dream Your Life Away, a couple weeks ago and it has been on play nonstop whenever I have music on. It is such a mellow and easy listening album. He has a very unique voice that pairs lovely with the soft instruments on the tracks. Riptide is by far my favorite song on the record (how unoriginal I know) but I also quite like From Afar.

 Every Summer I make it a priority to re-read the entire Harry Potter series. I usually aim to start doing this from July 31st to September 1st (cheesy I know). This year I started a few days before the start of September and have been slowly making my way through the books. I am half way through The Chamber of Secrets at the moment. Reading these each Summer never gets old for me. I love these stories so much and find new little quirks or moments to enjoy each time I read them!

That's all for my weekly See.Hear.Read. post. I hope you enjoy this type of post. I really enjoyed writing this and will definitely continue with it. Let me know in the comments below what you See.Hear.Read. this week! Talk to ya soon!


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