Melrose Face

Melrose at Night 
Smoke and Melrose

Wet n Wild eyeshadows are a complete shock to the system when it comes to drugstore eyeshadow options. They are one of the cheapest options available and yet are by far one of the highest quality. Many of the colors in their beautiful palettes are perfect dupes for MAC eyeshadows but a fraction of the price for much more product.

That's why when I saw these babies in the new makeup section of my local Walgreens I knew I had to pick them up before they vanished. These two lovely Autumn palettes are limited edition for the 2014 season. While I believe there are four 5-pan palettes in the Fall Melrose collection, I only grabbed these two because I knew they were colors I was most likely to wear.

First off is Melrose at Night. It contains a good mix of light and dark shades in maroon/purple toned earth colors. Off the bat I can tell the Base color (light off white one) is direct dupe for Nylon by MAC. Nylon is my favorite highlight shade on earth so I'm very pleased to find a cheaper alternative for it. All of the shades are highly pigmented (get ready to hear that more) and I swatched them dry above to prove they are vibrant.

Secondly is Smoke and Melrose. This palette is much more rose toned and has lighter shades than the other palette. It would do very well if you wanted to create more of a light smokey eye look. All of the colors in this palette can be seen as dupes from the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. If you aren't sure rosy-gold toned colors are for you and don't want to splurge on the Naked 3 yet, I think this is an excellent alternative to dip your toes in the rose-gold water. Again all of the colors are highly pigmented and do not disappoint on color payoff!

These palettes just amaze me. The colors are so lovely and are so similar to ones that cost much more. Since these are limited edition I would suggest getting them quick I really don't think they will last long. Especially these two specific palettes since they seem to be the most neutral of the four available. I found them in my Walgreens last week so I expect most drugstores should have them in stock by now! Also they are priced $4.99 but were on offer for $3.99. Score! These eyeshadows definitely live up to their name because they look just as glamours as Melrose Avenue itself. 

Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below! Talk to you soon.


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