Wednesday Wants January 8 2014

Wednesday Wants January 8 2014
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My attempt at becoming a better blogger this holiday break and new year is so far a complete fail. However I'm hoping doing this Wednesday Wants will get me back in the mood! I have a new camera this year and am hoping it will inspire me to take more blog photos and posts as well.
The NYX blush in taupe is a popular one amongst beauty lovers and I have yet to try it. I am always looking for a good contour color and have heard this is a a great finance friendly option.
This winter I have been really into the babydoll dresses made popular during the 90's. Forever 21 seems to have a number of cute styles, most of them totally grunge looking with a floral print. This one caught my eye for it's larger print and bolder colors. Over a pair of tights and with a jacket I'm sure it will be something I will wear out on the town a lot.
Again with the cold weather we are having, I have been reaching for hats especially beanies more and more. This one from American Apparel is in my favorite color at the moment, Ox Blood which is a major plus!
I've been re-reading the Harry Potter series this break (since I never finished them over the summer) and am interested in picking up Rowling's non-Potter novel when I finish Deathly Hallows.
Lastly, boots are a must have where I live during the winter. A classic pair of black Dr. Martens are looking better and better as the winter wears on. Paired with my babydoll dress obsession, I will be a 90's fashion dream.
Let me know if you love any of the items above and I also am curious what you guys are wanting this week? Anything I should keep my eyes open for?
 - Jenn


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