Holiday Break!

Another month has gone by and my promise to myself of posting on my blog has gone South yet again. I don't know if anyone else can agree with me but I find this semester of school completely overwhelming! So many books to read, papers to write and projects to finish. My finals week is coming up shortly and I have put all of my spare time into preparing for it. I also find myself extremely sick so far this month which doesn't help my school performance one bit. On top of everything else one of my best friends is getting married the last day of my finals week! Talk about everything jammed into one period of time! I'm hoping once school is over, the wedding is done and my health back on track I can commit more to working on this blog. I've also played around with the idea of starting a YouTube channel since watching the videos has become a good habit of mine (Great Distraction I tell ya!). Anyways just a little post explaining what is going on in my life. I can't believe it's December already and I'm turning 22 in a week! AH! I'm off to go finish a project on the Beatles (gotta love that history of US in the 1960's class). See you all soon!

And I go back to December all the time -Taylor Swift
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