Wednesday Wants 11-6-13

Wednesday Wants 11-6-13
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My goodness it has been ages! My apologizes for being absent for so long. School has been completely overwhelming this semester and I found myself traveling quite a bit more than I ever expected! Anyways I am hopefully back in the swing of things and will be posting more new content soon. For today I have sticked to a old basic, Wednesday Wants. I love making these and hope you enjoy seeing them! Let me know if there is anything from this weeks wants you have your eyes on too!
I must be the last girl on the planet to not own the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I own the other two Naked's and love them dearly, yet never saw a good use for this one. Until this season, I have been constantly wearing neutral matte eyes with liner and think this could give me more variety to what I already own. Plus it's travel friendly (unlike the other two!) which has become important to me as of lately!
This dress is so beautiful I want it so badly for the holidays! It is from American Eagle, a place I really don't shop at anymore. However I saw this and was in love. Not only is it a rose-gold, champagne ombre but it is lace, three of my favorite things when it comes to clothing. I really would like to wear this on Christmas day to my Grandmothers house!
I've decided to start adding things non-beauty or fashion related to these posts which explains number 3. I am asking for a record player for Christmas since I already own two records (by odd chance) yet have no means to play them! I would like to get some of my favorite albums on vinyl such as Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons and they are rather cheap on amazon(only 13 bucks)!
This NARS lipstick in Fast Ride is usually much darker than what I normally go for. However it is described as as "sheer mulberry" which I think would look lovely this time of year. I am really into vampy lips this season (again late on the trend!) and think they pair oh so well with neutral eyes.
Lastly is this lovely hat from Forever 21. Many of the bands I have been listening to lately, sport these hats at their shows and I simply love the look of them. I may not be a musician myself but would love to own a hat to look like one! This one is black with a tribal print band on it which I think is a lovely touch to a simple piece.
That is it for my wants this week! Sorry again for the lack of posts, I have some exciting new ideas for this blog on their way and am hoping to dive in with my breaks I have coming up in school. Join me on bloglovin if you wanna see when I post more! Cheers!


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